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Outsourcing Smarter Not Harder

by Krystal Booker

March 6, 2021

Outsourcing business tasks can be painless and easily incorporated into your business growth strategy, 

You are completely maxed out in all that you currently do in your business but you still have plenty of goals you are wanting to crush. 

You might already be outsourcing tasks but handing over the baton for those tasks to be completed hasn’t been as easy as you hoped it would be.

I’m going to share with you the top most effective tools you can use to outsource smarter and not harder. 

After all, you can only grow so much on your own. When we reach our max capacity but we still wish to grow, it becomes time to start hiring other experts to step in to take over the areas we don’t have to be in charge of.

You’re needed where the growth is going to happen.

Communication tools

Communication is essential with your team members and leaders. The brilliance of running a business virtually is that your team members can be experts from all over the world.

I don’t know about you, but it excites me to know that my business makes an impact on women all over the world. With exceptional communication tools can be as if your team is standing right next to you as you collaborate on tasks/projects.

Voxer– this tool is an app you can use on your phone that allows you to write messages or send audio messages. It keeps your phone number private so you aren’t giving that out to clients or team members. You can have more than one person in a message so it makes collaborating with your team very easy to do.

Loom- This tool is personally one of my favorites. It allows you to record a video that includes the screen you are working on so that you can talk through tasks or projects. If you didn’t need to record your screen you have the option to just record a video or audio as well. You are easily able to share the link for your Loom video, anywhere you’d like and with whomever, you’d like. This tool can be used on your desktop, laptop, IPad, and phone. Hello, convenience!

Zoom- this is a tool to utilize for team meetings, or when you need to collaborate or meet about tasks/projects. It’s a virtual meeting space, very user-friendly, and makes the onboarding process smooth and personable.

Slack-This collaboration tool is for a virtual team that is willing to keep in touch all the time. It can increase the productivity of the team by setting notifications and making channels. With it, teams will achieve a better understanding of the tasks or projects.

Task management tools

The idea of organizing and handing over the tasks you need to outsource might seem intimidating but it doesn’t have to be. It can absolutely be smooth and pain-free for you to build a successful outsourcing system.

There are a few tools that make communicating, organizing, managing, and storing task information very easy. Your whole team can collab on these tools and be notified when things are ready for them.

Asana- a personal favorite, this tool can be used for multiple purposes for your business all in one space. You can use it to track leads with your team, create content for digital marketing, client organization, and task/project management. I could keep on going about this tool but for the sake of your time, I won’t!

Trello- if you liked everything mentioned about Asana, you will love the idea of Trello as well. Trello is very similar to Asana. It will really just come down to your personal preference. They are both wonderful tools to utilize in your business. Life made easier for you and your team!

ClickUp-  ClickUp is a project management tool that helps teams collaborate virtually. It isn’t always the easiest or most user-friendly tool but is very efficient. With handy integrations with the remote tools Slack, Google Drive, and Time Doctor (for time tracking), ClickUp can unify all of your virtual team communications.

Collaborative tools

Teamwork makes the dream work right?

This section of tools will be a variety but they can all play an important role in making life easier for you and for your team to make that dream work happen.

Let’s explore these collaborative tools together.

Google Workspace- I don’t know anyone that isn’t a fan of all the things Google Workspace offers. Google Docs allows you to create and then share easily. Google Drive is a great way to store things long-term in an organized and easy-to-navigate setting, You can share your drive folders with others that need access to the information with just a click of the share button. Google Sheets allows you to create spreadsheets. You can utilize this for financial purposes, team collaboration, monthly tracking, lead management, and more.

LastPass- long gone are the days for hitting the forgot password option and resetting passwords for the 5th time this month. LastPass can be downloaded on your phone or you can have it on your computer to save and store your passwords. It has a vault that can be opened by your master password and it allows you to view anything you’ve logged into and saved. The best part is, you can share important passwords your team needs without giving them access to view the confidential information.

Canva- This is a graphic design tool that you can utilize for many purposes in your business. Your team can all work in one account to create designs for projects, tasks, business documents, digital marketing purposes, and more.

Dropbox– a workspace designed to reduce busywork. It allows you to centralize team content to create, store, and share cloud content from Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides, Microsoft Office files, and Dropbox Paper alongside traditional files in Dropbox. With easy access to your team’s work from your computer, mobile device, or any web browser it makes team collaboration available any time and anywhere.

Outsource smarter

There are so many great business tools out there that really take the hassle out of hiring team members remotely. Wonderful teams are being built all over the world and it’s because of the amazing benefits of the tools we can use to unite us for success.

 I encourage you to get clear on exactly where your business can benefit from an expert, what tasks you can hand over, and the areas of business keeping you from moving forward towards your goals.

It is important to make sure the team you have represents the core values of your business. Your core values drive your success. If your team doesn’t align with them you won’t be able to reach those long-term big goals.

If you are new to outsourcing I recommend you research the kind of team member you need based on the projects/tasks you want to delegate. When you start the process to meet with potential new team members, make sure they align with the core values of your business

To make collaborating and communicating easy with your team I have created an Asana setup video that walks you through the quick process to get your Asana tool setup. I also show you the ins and outs of Asana, and how to add anyone to your projects and tasks.

This will make collaborating, organization, and productivity possible as you continue to grow your business. 

Grab your free Asana tutorial here.

You can also book a Discovery Call with me to discuss booking a 90-minute Intensive Strategy Planning Session. This service will help you gain additional clarity on your next business steps and how to achieve the amazing goals you have! Together we can bring all the wonderful dreams you have to reality.

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